Emerson Creek Pottery & Tearoom

A pleasant return to simple days and simple ways

It’s a wonderful thing when you get to witness someone doing something really well.

I’ll never forget the first time I drove down the long gravel road leading up to Emerson Creek Pottery & Tearoom in Oswego, Ill.

A magical setting ready for a celebration with incredible floral design by Trudy’s Flowers.

I instantly felt like I was on a movie set and had been transported into another world. This was a world filled with simple pleasures and old-fashioned charm.  

A friend and I went to see the wedding venue we had heard so much about, when we realized we were there on a day it was closed.

The adorable bridal coop for finishing touches.

Just as we were about to leave, a woman  came out and offered to show us the gorgeous, renovated 3,200-square-foot barn. She was none other than Chris Demiduk, owner of Emerson Creek.

As she showed us around Emerson Creek, I kept trying to figure out how I knew her;  she looked so familiar!

There’s something so beautiful about a veil blowing in the wind. All photos captured by Joy Lyn Photography.

All of a sudden, I realized she had been my client over 20 years ago when I was an up and coming stylist.

My heart was so full realizing that this magical, one-of-a-kind place was created by her and that all those dreams she had for herself 20 years ago had all come true.

Signe’s wedding at the enchanting Emerson Creek.

With the support of her wonderful husband and son, along with an incredible staff, Emerson Creek is truly something to behold.

The meticulously renovated century-old barn dazzles with its vintage chandeliers, triple peak event tent and stone patio with two fire pits that overlook the countryside.

A beautiful backdrop for a wedding.

The adorable bridal coop is perfect for wedding day finishing touches.

I was honored to be a part of their styling event last month and am looking forward to working with the lovely brides I met there.

Being around people doing things extraordinary well inspires me to work harder at looking for new ways to go the extra mile myself.

The night sky at Emerson Creek.

I would like to thank the entire Emerson Creek family for inspiring us all to cherish the simple joys in life, and to embrace a more simplistic and peaceful way to live.