To Compare Is to Despair

I’ve always encouraged the artists I work with to seek out work everywhere they can, to look to the people who are doing it well — with kindness in their hearts — and to go hard after their dreams.

None of us can be everything to one person, but we all have something to offer one another. When we work together, we all win and accomplish far more than we ever would alone. The word compare can be tough because people say, “to compare is to despair,” which I agree with for the most part. I do believe, however, in looking to those who are killing it for a few moments before we go back to working hard in our own lane, and here’s why:

1. To tell them – Be happy for other people! It takes nothing away from anything we’re doing to be happy for someone else!
2. To draw inspiration  – Be inspired by their talent, their hard work or their accomplishment. I love to look to those ahead of me to ask what more I could be doing to reach my own goals. When we know better, we do better.
3. To use their inspiration for good – Be inspired by others, but don’t use their accomplishments to beat yourself up over comparing what you have to what they’ve accomplished. If we can cheer for others and use their inspiration as fuel for our own goals, we can all win.

There are so many other bridal companies doing it well; with owners who have integrity, as well as other artists and educators who inspire me.

Diem Angie: Chicago Hair & Makeup Artist Team led by Diem Angie, a powerhouse of a business woman! She inspires me with her entrepreneurial spirit and the heart she puts into her businesses. You must check out the business she and her husband started together; the most beautiful flower wall backdrops that can be used for every occasion. Simply gorgeous! Check it out here.

Sonia Roselli: I must mention Sonia Roselli and the gift of knowledge she shares with artists everywhere. It’s a special thing when someone is willing to share their knowledge with others.

Finally, I must mention the leaders in the bridal industry who continually inspire us all to reach higher and dream bigger — Stephanie Brinkerhoff, Lala Chihaia, Heather Chapman and Ulyana Aster.

There are so many women out there who are working hard and setting examples for us all to follow.  I’m just so proud to witness it all.

If someone inspires you today, show them some love and then get after whatever dreams are in your heart!