The Top Five Most Frequently Asked Questions by Our Brides

1. How should I prepare for hair & makeup on my wedding day?

This is a wonderful question, as most are unsure what they should do prior to their wedding. If you plan on getting a facial or waxing etc., this should be done at least 7 days prior to your event date. Giving your skin time to calm down & recover is important.  It is also important to get your skin on a regimen for a few months before your event. We have a partnership with, where they’ve created Exclusive Packages just for our brides. When you call, be sure to mention you’re one of our brides in order to benefit from the special rates. They are excited to join us in this journey leading up to your special day. As far as your hair, if you plan on getting it cut and colored, do so about a week prior. When your wedding rolls around, all you’ll need to do is have freshly washed & dried hair. We prefer to work with clean, dry hair and will use our products to give the hair the foundation that it needs to last all night.  Preparing your hair and skin months prior to the wedding will guarantee you looking your absolute best when you say, “I do”.

2. Will the same artist who does my trial be doing my wedding day hair & makeup?

100% YES! This is SO important. Your trial is the time for you and your artist to get to know one another and together, create a look you will love! We will ask you for inspiration photos and use those to come up with a perfect look that will be timeless and beautiful.

3. What kind of makeup products do you use?

We are asked this question more times than we can count. Our artists kits are stocked with both professional & high-end products to provide you with a flawless & long-lasting makeup look. While each artist has their favorite brands, some of our staples include (but are not limited to):,,,, ,,,  & .

4. What is the process like for the morning of my wedding?

Prior to your wedding, you will be provided with a very detailed schedule. Your schedule includes the time your artists will arrive at your getting ready location & the time your services will start. You will receive a template that will allow you to see the service times for each person and add the names where you’d like them.  Upon arrival, we scope out the room & decide where we will set up. If there are areas with large windows & natural light, that is where we will be! After 30 minutes of set up, we will begin services. We always do as much as we possibly can to create a positive and upbeat environment on your special day!

5. Do you provide a touch up service?

YES! Our brides LOVE this service. After hugs, wind and tears of joy, this is the perfect pick me up!  This service includes a hair and makeup touch up for the entire bridal party before the reception begins.  This is also a great time to change up the evening look for the bride by adding a jeweled comb, flowers or clip to the hair and a bolder lip color or gloss.  The bride and her family go first so that they can go and join their guests, followed by the bridal party immediately after.  The reception touch ups are a great way to freshen up before the evening festivities begin, while adding a touch of glamour as well!

We know you have choices when selecting a hair & makeup team for your special day and appreciate your business.  We never take for granted what an honor it is to share in the journey leading up to your wedding day!