Patty McGuire Hair & Makeup Artists

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

As someone whose been in the beauty industry for over twenty years, it’s the young artists who always inspire me to stay current and motivate me to move beyond my comfort zone.

It is the passionate & creative young talent who have encouraged me to be more active on social media and to create a blog where I would be able to shine a light on various topics pertaining to all things bridal, as well as to encourage other business owners and artists who make me feel proud to go to work and stand along side them creating beautiful looks for our brides and their loved ones.

To be chosen to work with a bride on her wedding day is truly an honor.

I never take for granted what a privilege it is to work with every single bride that I’m blessed enough to cross paths with.

Every bride is unique and different, each with their own love story and each with their vision of their perfect wedding day.

For the very first blog post, I wanted to share a little bit about what our team is all about and what makes us different.

I wanted to create a company with only the very best artists who understand that this business is about LOVE and PEOPLE.

There are many talented artists out there, but talent was not enough when choosing my team.

If I were going to work on weddings, then I would need to have help, as often one wedding is too much for just one person to manage.

You would think that finding help would be no problem, but I only wanted to surround myself with artists who understood service to others.

When someone asked me recently what makes us different than some of the major bridal glam agencies we’ve all heard of who offer group rates and packages, etc., that was my answer. SERVICE TO OTHERS.

I am serving my bride and her family by giving everything I have to her wedding day. I am serving my fellow artists by respecting them enough not to have them work longer and harder only to make less with packages and discounts. I am serving other business owners who are doing it right by promoting them when we are unavailable knowing that our bride will be in good hands with them.

If brides are looking for package pricing where the more people you have, the less it costs, then we are not for you.

The artists are the only ones losing in those situations, and I respect them too much to discount their work. If the artists work harder, why would they earn less? I never understood that.

We commit to fewer weddings each year to maintain a level of excellence that every bride deserves.

As a team, we encourage one another to be the very best we can be by continuing our education and using only the best products and tools.

I am always learning and working on my skills and love to learn from other artists who have mastered their craft.

The artists who understand that this is a calling, not just a job, those are my people.

I’m so encouraged by the past year, and how many of our brides have been spreading the word about our level of service.

2018 is over 70 percent booked already, and as I seek to expand our team for 2018, I have the love stories of all my previous brides in mind.

It is their love stories and the memories I have of getting them ready that fuel me to look for those artists who understand the incredible privilege it is to do what we do.

Nothing means more to me than knowing we left an impression that was beyond a good lipstick color.

My goal is that our brides and their families would leave us not only feeling beautiful but also feeling loved.

I look forward to all of our fall and winter weddings as we move towards 2018 and another incredible year filled with our beautiful brides, their inspiring love stories and the people who love them the most.

We can’t wait to be part of your journey!